Panduan dan Prosedur Dalam Mobile Phone Forensics

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  • 2014 ; Guidelines on Mobile Device Forensics ; NIST Special Publication 800-101 Revision 1
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  • 2012 ; Smartphone Forensic Investigation Process Model ; Archit Goel Anurag Tyagi Ankit Agarwal
  • 2012 ; ACPO Good Practice Guide for Digital Evidence (ver 5.0) ; Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO)
  • 2011 ; An analysis of digital forensic examinations: Mobile devices versus hard disk drives utilising ACPO & NIST guidelines ; Owen, Paul Thomas, Paula
  • 2011 ; Guidelines for the digital forensic processing of smartphones ; Alghafli, Khawla Abdulla Jones, Andrew Martin, Thomas Anthony
  • 2005 ; Cell Phone Forensic Tools: An Overview and Analysis ; Rick Ayers Wayne Jansen Nicolas Cilleros Ronan Daniellou
  • 2002 ; Guidelines for Evidence Collection and Archiving ; The Internet Society Network Working Group

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